Why do you choose Bluehost for your blog?

Choosing the best hosting plan for your new blog or website can seem a bit daunting. There’s so many different options, price ranges, and features, making it a bit overwhelming when you’re just getting started on your own blog.

Key aspects that I consider when chose BlueHost are due to its pricing, WordPress integration, customer support services, and a few others.

BlueHost Has Reasonable Pricing

It will only cost $3.95 a month to sign up to start building your own site within minutes. BlueHost offers a special promotional pricing beginner package. With it, you get a free domain and the ability to start one personal website. If you are new, this package is pretty much all you need for now. If you ever wanted to expand in the future, you have the option of upgrading your membership.

As you can see, if you choose the Basic package plan, you can get it by agreeing to a 36 month offer from BlueHost. After that, the monthly pricing cost goes up a bit, but the hike is not as much as some other hosts. So the nice thing about BlueHost is that after your promotional offer expires, the normal monthly price cost goes up by just a few dollars, not bad.

BlueHost is WordPress Recommended

Another great thing about BlueHost is that they partnered up with WordPress and have personally been recommended by WordPress themselves since 2005! WordPress is one of the largest site building tools out there; so finding a host that’s recommended personally by them is a big bonus.

Once you sign up with BlueHost, with one click you can integrate the WordPress dashboard to start creating your new site within minutes. This is great for beginners as you won’t have to try and figure out how to link your new hosting provider’s plan with any website building software. It is all seamlessly integrated for you!

So if you want to start with WordPress as your website building tool, getting BlueHost as your host is an excellent option.

Free Domain with BlueHost

The other nice bonus is that once you sign up, BlueHost will offer you a free domain for the first year. This means you get a free .com name of your choosing right as you sign up.

Now, a domain name usually costs about $10-15 a year, so it’s not a huge upfront cost. But if you’re new to hosting, trying to get a domain name and then link it to your host can take up a bit of time. With BlueHost, getting your domain is just one of the simple steps in the sign up process; you simply type it in to see if it’s available, and move on to choosing your plan length. That’s it!

So the perk with BlueHost is that the domain name is free for the first year, and you don’t have to worry about having your own before getting started with the host.

Good Uptime With BlueHost

Uptime is the time that your site will be live or active when people are browsing or searching for you. If a host provides poor uptime, then people won’t be able to reach your site until the issue is resolved.

BlueHost maintains a high uptime ranking, meaning that you won’t have to worry about any site maintenance issues once your site is active.

Check out HRank’s review of BlueHost’s uptime here. BlueHost’s uptime was at least 99.9% per the host ranking website. HRank is a web hosting ranking site that ranks web hosts based on research and analysis. They provide free and up to date research to help users find the best host for their site.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you decide you want to back out after signing up, BlueHost offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This way, even if you’re on the fence about starting your site or committing to a specific host, you still have a full month to try it out before you change your mind.

You can find out the cancellations steps on BlueHost’s cancellation page.

BlueHost Offers a Free SSL Certificate

SSL certification helps to basically ensure that your site is safe from unauthorized parties. This means that your data and the data of your audience is protected.

The nice part about the SSL certificate is that it’s free, and it will usually automatically install once you sign up. However, they have provided a guide for you just in case you need to install it manually.

You can learn more about SSL certification for your site here.

No Hidden Fees with BlueHost

During the sign-up process, you will find that BlueHost is transparent about their service plans, features, and add ons.

When you are starting, you get the free domain (usually about a $15 value per year), the monthly pricing plan, and the option to add on any extra features. That’s all there is to it! You will get a calculated charge amount on the sign-up page so you aware up front of how much the plan will cost you for whatever length term you decided on.

BlueHost’s add on features include the following:

  • Domain privacy protection at $0.99/month. This is a good option if you want to keep your personal information hidden so that others can’t search for you when looking you up by your website name. It may also help keep spammers away from your email.
  • SiteLock Security helps monitor your new website from spam and malware. You also get a SiteLock Certificate branded on your site to help give your website credibility. You can find more information on BlueHost’s webpage.
  • CodeGuard Basic is an option for additional backup and recovery of your site as well as daily monitoring for any changes that seem out of place.
  • BlueHost SEO Tools Start will help give you a jumpstart on getting your site optimized for search engines so that you can get page ranking and traffic.


Some add-ons that are included before you finalize your account setting with BlueHost

24/7 Support

If for any reason you are having issues with your site, BlueHost offers 24/7 live chat support to help you get through the issues that you’re experiencing. If you prefer, you can even do a one on one phone call with one of their staff members.

Check out their resource page for some more information. They let you know that their server and network issues are typically resolved within just 15 minutes.

One complaint people might have is that BlueHost doesn’t offer a ticket based support system, where you get a ticket for the problem you have and they get back to you once it has been taken care of. But the reason for that is that they wanted to focus more on live chat to help customers resolve their issues one on one and as quickly as possible.

Easy to Sign up For

Finally, the last reason why I chose BlueHost was simply because it was so simple to sign up for. You just find the plan that you want to get started with (I recommend the Basic package if you just want one site), get your free domain, and see if you want any extra features. From there, you have one click WordPress integration and you are all set to start adding content and editing your page.

And after you are signed up, whenever you want to log in to WordPress, you simply go to BlueHost’s front page, click login, and you will automatically be directed to your WordPress dashboard.

So it’s a great hosting platform for beginner bloggers or those who want to start a website but are new to the whole process. Everything you need (From the host, to the domain name, to the website builder WordPress) is easily accessed.


And there it is! Nine reasons why I personally chose BlueHost as my host provider. It is easy to get started, reliable, and you can get started within minutes!

You can get started on your site within minutes if you join BlueHost today.

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