work from home opportunities that aren’t a scam

Well, there are no such thing as “get rich quick” schemes from work from home opportunities.  All work takes hard work, patience and determination. Your chances of making money at any at home business is the same as if you put in the same amount of work in something that you start with a bank loan.

I recommend freelancing because it is dependent on your skillset 

First, decide what you can do.
For example: Writing, Designing, Translating, Coding, Painting, Social Media Marketing etc.

Second, choose the right freelance marketplace which are not scams because there are hell lot of scams are running out there.  Below is my take: (Highly Recommended) (Highly Recommended) (Optionally Recommended) (Optionally Recommended) (Optionally Recommended) (Not Recommended) (Not Recommended) (Not Recommended)

If you are looking for Micro Freelancing, go with the following sites: (Highly Recommended)

Finally, register Free and find relevant projects jobs for you, bid on it.

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