Make Money with Yoonla

Yoonla is – that’s a CPA affiliate program that pays from $2 to $4 for every single free referral that joins world wide. Rather than getting paid per sale, you get paid per action.  With this program you can earn commission by inviting people to join and suitable for both people with skills or newbie. You won’t have to sell anything and you will save your time for sure. It is a Digital Marketing platform that teaches people how to become successful digital entrepreneurs.

You get paid for each lead you generate through your affiliate link. This means that whenever someone signs up for Yoonla’s Free Foundation Membership through your link, you get paid.

Is Yoonla Free?

It is worth noting that many people are misleading that Yoonla is free. It is not. Yes, it is free to join and you get a free training on how to set up your online digital business. And I think it is a great learning material for anyone who is new in the Internet Marketing scene.

However, in order to earn from Yoonla you need to purchase Get Response (Auto email responder to build your email list) $15 per month (1000 email list package) and Yahoo Hosting from Yoonla’s affiliate link. That’s an investment of around $53 per year. Once you do that you become a VIP member and are eligible to promote Yoonla. This is not bad considering the likely-hood that you will earn it back easily with the leads you generate.

How to join?

Click on this link here and you will be taken to a form. Fill it, confirm your email and create your password. You will then get access to the free training and you can decide whether you want to become a VIP or not.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is normally $200. The commissions are credited to the member’s accounts once the leads are found legitimate. Yoonla only pays through Paypal and may incorporate other payment methods in the near future.

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