How To Successfully Find Work at Home Jobs on Craigslist

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs. There are instances where scammers take advantage of the platform and therefore you should be on the look out. however, it is a great place to find remote (or local) work opportunities.

So, here are a few tips for finding Craigslist work from home jobs

#1 Search “craigslist jobs” on Google

Google will show craigslist links depending on your locality. When you visit the page on the right-hand column of your local Craigslist page, you’ll see a long list of job industries you can investigate. If there aren’t many jobs on offer, you can check a box in the left-hand column to “include nearby areas” in the search as well.

#2 Search By Keyword

In your local area, or wherever you are trying to find a job, type in a key skill you’d like to use in your next job.

#3 Confirm the posting date

When looking at a particular listing, the sooner a job has been listed, the better.

Typically I don’t apply to positions found on Craigslist that are more than two weeks old. Maybe the position has already been filled and the person forgot to take the ad down.

#4 Be careful with outrageous pay claims

You will come across adverts that claim to for example $3000 in a day normally in CAPS not commensurate with the job. Just know that when the deal looks so good to be true there is a catch.

#5 Do not forget the Gigs section

This is often one-time, project-based work, but you may find something in there you can do for some fast cash.

Now its your turn to find work from home job


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