How to Make Money Online Through Fiverr

Fiverr is the leading marketplace for services starting at just $5. Lots of people buy and sell services (and also products) every day through Fiverr.

The available services range from business promotion, social networking and advertisement to funny videos, graphic design and translations to mention just a few.

How  do I make Money

These offered services are called “GIGS” on Fiverr. You can find almost anything you need. People from all over the world visit the site to offer their services and expertise. The service is offered by the Seller (freelancer), and bought by the buyer(employer) Five dollars is the popular starting price for offers on Fiverr.

Where do I start

Signing up to Fiverr is free. After successfully signing up, and confirming your account with a registration link that will be sent to your email, its off to the races!


So don’t be sad or give up, complete your profile and maybe one day you’ll get something and kick off,after all it’s a competitive marketplace and it shall take time. It’ll be difficult like it is for everyone but just don’t quit.


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