Get paid over $100 daily for participating in research studies.

Respondent is a company that provides qualified research respondents to whoever needed it. Respondents get paid for their opinion on a specific topic or research. The company provides the fastest way to find high-paying research opportunities .

Who qualifies

Anyone, so long as you meet the requirements of a particular set of  research study needed. A a screener survey normally between 5 -10 questions to qualify or disqualify interested candidates is conducted. The company requires that you connect your LinkedIn or Facebook profile to Respondent so that they can verify your demographic and employment data in order for a perfect match . In short, Anyone can find a study that is a perfect fit for them.

Do I have to be professional?

Not really! It depends on the requirements of the study. Each study is unique and may require a respondent to be either professional or not, experienced or inexperienced.

What are the types of the research study?

There are two types of project. Remotely and In-person research study depending on the client who conducts the research..

How much can I earn?

You can earn from $30 up to $500 per research study. Study length starts at 15 mins up to 120 minutes. Some have higher pay even with just a few minutes of one on one. You can also earn money referring friends.

How long does the study take?

Study length starts at 15 mins up to 120 minutes.

How do I get paid?

The platform requires that all respondents be paid  via PayPal normally  within 5-8 days after Respondents have been marked as ‘attended’.

How do I apply??

Just Sign up for free with my link to get started with Respondent today. Good Luck!

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