Earn Money Testing Software with Utest

It is not difficult to earn extra money performing software testing and utest is considered one of the best platforms for testers to find paid testing projects.

How does it work?

Clients give a project and you get paid for each bug you find in their products. More bugs more money. You have to join cycle of testers. You can test any time you like in the way you want. You should also keep your profile up-to-date and the site will then use your profile to match you, as a tester, to relevant customers and projects.

How much can you earn?

The amount of income is entirely dependent on your performance (the more your skill the more the reward), your location (some projects are particular to USA/Europe) and how much time you are willing to spend testing.  These will contribute to your utest ratings.  Therefore, a tester may not earn much, but with time and experience in testing various projects, one can earn a decent amount.

How do I get Started?

if you want to get start started with uTest, join the uTest platform and get paid. Also join the free courses that will help you to be more successful on paid projects offered in the platform through udemy.


The platform is not ‘quick, easy cash,’ but it can most certainly pay once you learn the ropes, establish your footing and provide real value to clients through the platform.


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